Get a PhD

Why are you here? Maybe you were undeterred by the sister post to this one, Don’t Get a PhD. Perhaps you’ve just been admitted to the “PhD program of your dreams” and are bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to start a path of knowledge unfettered by the dismal academic job market that lies ahead […]

Don’t Get a PhD

Edit: Also check out the sister-post “Get a PhD” I’ve spent the past five years interviewing 100+ graduate students in different fields, at different institutions from lower-tier research all the way to Ivy League – mostly in the arts and humanities. The information here is highly applicable to those in the arts and humanities, and […]

Some Design Principles for Developing Audio-First VR

“Real Time Whenever Possible” (Title sourced from VR researcher Ge Wang) The modern wave of VR and the cryptocurrency boom rapidly increased GPU development. Stunning 3D graphics can be rendered in realtime on consumer grade computers. Fixed media should no longer be used for technical reasons, it is only to be used in the event […]

STEP AWAY FROM THE DAW: VCV Rack for Vibrational Resonance and Fun

VCV Rack is a software emulation of hardware modular synthesizers. In this article you’ll find an overview of modular synthesis, and a crash course in how to get started right away with VCV Rack. Retro A Moog brand modular synth. Modular synthesis was big in the late 60s and early 70s. A modular synthesizer looks […]

AirPods – Apple’s Dangerous Foray

AirPods were the best selling product at electronics retail giant Best Buy this past year. Apple expects sales to increase by double in 2019. Everybody is wearing them. In a casual walk around my hometown of Long Beach, California, I counted about 1 in 5 in a hipster-frequented area of the city. Despite the inconvenience, […]